As an immigrant from Somalia, Ahmed’s difficult upbringing helped him become the person his is today. Through hard work, education and a great investment of time, Ahmed has become a leader through his service and a valuable member of his community.

Hearing the call to serve, Ahmed knew it was time to dedicate himself to another four years.


Honesty, Integrity, and Leadership


Hassan has more than two decades of experience in corporate and small businesses. He is a prominent member of the Somali American community of Atlanta. Hassan has also worked on a volunteer basis for Clarkston’s wider immigrant population and for the public cause.

With the entire community behind him, the decision was made to take this journey to the next phase. It is through faith and a love for Clarkston that Ahmed Hassan now moves ahead and asks for your support. This is not just Ahmed’s journey, as we are with him. Together we can make a better tomorrow for our children, grandchildren, immigrants, and the future generations to come.

A Love for Education

For his post-secondary education, Hassan received a BA from the State University of New York at Old Westbury. He also studied at Mercer University’s Stetson School of Business in Atlanta, where he earned an MBA in finance. Additionally, Hassan holds a master’s degree in accounting and financial management with an emphasis on CPA from the Keller Graduate School of Business at DeVry University.

City Council Success

During my term, the Clarkston City Council has been more effective In passing proactive and progressive legislation than in any time in the history of Clarkston City government. Over 36 new ordinances and 74 new resolutions have been passed during my tenure with the following benefits; modernizing our municipal court to include new Judge and Solicitor, institution of fair hiring practices, passage of an indoor clean air act, setting the minimum wage at $15 an hour, adoption of an ICE non-detainer policy and increasing budgetary revenue through strategic annexations of additional commercial and industrial land tracts and property.

As Chair of the City Finance Committee, I have ensured that the City finances are handled properly and with the greatest amount of transparency. ou·ring my tenure as Finance Chair, the City has received clean and excellent audit reports have initiated long-term financial and debt management planning policies and we are now receiving a positive bond rating.

When Elected

Annexation is my primary goal. Out of the four areas we have attempted to annex, we have been successful with three and I am positive that we will succeed with the final annexation. This last annexation will bring schools, colleges, businesses, and more residential properties that generate additional revenues to the city. A larger city will bring more development, job opportunities and additional sources of revenue so that your property taxes will be lowered.

I will work to create a Community Center where our Clarkston elderly citizens and youth may have a place to call their own by the end of my 2nd term. I will work to promote greater community and civic advocacy, engagement, and education. Youth crime prevention and better schools. My overall goal is to generate more economic development for Clarkston and improve the civic and social conditions of our community.